Aims and Scope

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Aims and Scope


The need for a technical ELT website has long been felt throughout the world. The current website, , which is the first technical ELT website worldwide, has been launched to meet the needs of post-graduate EFL, ESL, TEFL stakeholders. The website contains technical information on how to write an abstract, a research proposal, a thesis, and an academic paper, to name some. This website also contains easy-to-use instructions on APA 6th edition. Last but not least, the website has a thesis topic database which can be of great help to both M.A./ Ph.D. students and instructors in choosing their thesis topics. I hope you’ll find the contents of this website useful.

I’m looking forward to receiving your comments on this technical website.


Hadi Hamidi
Ph.D. in TEFL, USR, Tehran, Iran.
Research Data Analyzer


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terms and condition.
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      با سلام و درود
      دانشجوی ارشد آموزش زبان هستم و کار روی پایان نامه و نوشتن پروپوزال را تازه شروع کرده ام. موضوعی که میخواهم روی آن کار کنم میباشد. میخواستم بدانم آیا مقالات موجود در سایت شما در این موضوع میتواند به من کمک کند د TBLT

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      In reply to: yasserReport

      Hi, yes, but I've not uploaded them yet. The moment they are uploaded, you can use them.


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      In reply to: HamidiReport

      Thanks Mr. Hamidi
      Let me know when they have been uploaded please.

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      Seyyed Abbas Mousavi Nargisi


      Hi Sir, so happy of creating such a website that was based in Iran. It is really a need for English students, researchers, teachers, etc. to find their required materials in this way. Thank you very much. Regards.

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      Hello Mr. Hamidi
      Regarding the most-recently-revised PhD sources, I would appreciate it if you could provide some information about whether the specified sources put in this website could be dealt with for 1395 PhD English teaching entrance exam of Azad University and whether we can rely on PhD packages of academic institutes designed for this purpose. Moreover, I would be grateful if you procure guidance on the reliability of the following institutes as far as their PhD packages are being frowned at:
      Modarresane Sharif
      Sanjesh & Danesh
      Further, I would appreciate your assistance in providing information on whether we can rely on the so-called packages seeking the purpose of not having to buy the books themselves.
      Yours Sincerely

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      In reply to: ToutiReport

      Hi, these sources can be used both for Azad and State universities; however, they are not complete. As to the institutes, all 3 are famous but I suggest you first study the books and then work on preparation tests.


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