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Dear readers,

I would like to introduce the first technical ELT website which has been launched to help ELT students and instructors in the following areas:


Abstract Writing(How to write an abstract?)

APA 6th Guide

How to arrange the references based on APA 6th edition?

How to arrange the in-text citations?

Glossary of SLA (Introduction to second language acquisition)

Iranian ELT Professors (The list of ELT professors)

Paper Writing (How to write a research paper?)

Proposal Writing(How to write a research proposal?)

Research Topic(How/where to choose a good research topic?)

Thesis Topic Database(How/where to choose a good thesis topic?)

Thesis Writing(How to write a thesis?)

The website can be accessed free of charge and it has been launched as a service to ELT society.

This website is at the service of ELT researchers worldwide. The manger of the website provides a special section (upon request) for researchers to carry out empirical studies related to CALL, online resources, TELL or related areas. Those who are interested in CALL studies will find this opportunity quite beneficial.


Hadi Hamidi
Ph.D. in TEFL, USR, Tehran, Iran.
Research Data Analyzer

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