APA 6th Guide

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Dear raeders,

What comes below is a gist of APA 6th edition for reference writing. I hope you'll find it useful. If there's any comment, you can contact me at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





References should be arranged alphabetically, and should be indented (Ctrl+Tab) from the second line on. References should be based on APA 6th edition. Pay attention to the yellow highlights for help.

A book with one author.

Ravid, R. (2011). Practical statistics for educators (4th ed.). Plymouth: Rowman & Littlefield.

A book with two authors.

Dubin, F., & Olshtain, E. (1986). Course design: Developing programs and materials for   language learning. Cambridge: CUP.

An article from a journal with volume, issue, and page number.

Alfassi, M. (2004). Reading to learn: Effects of combined strategy instruction on high school       students. Journal of Educational Research, 97(4), 171-184.

An article from a journal with volume, issue, page number and “doi”.

Richards, J. C. (2013).Curriculum approaches in language teaching: Forward, central, and             backward design. RELC Journal, 44(1), 5-33.doi: 10.1177/0033688212473293.

An online article without volume and page number.

Lin, P. Y. (2000). Multiple intelligence theory and English language teaching. Retrieved June 5,     2014, from http://highschool.english.nccu.edu.tw/paper/ying.doc.

An article/chapter taken from a book.

Dörnyei, Z. (2007). Creating a motivating classroom environment. In J. Cummins & C. Davison   (Eds.), International handbook of English language teaching (pp. 719-731). New York:      Springer.

Unpublished master’s or doctoral thesis.

Rahmany, R. (2003). The impact of concept mapping as a reading strategy on EFL students’         Comprehension (Unpublished master’s thesis). University of Tehran, Iran.

Rouhi, A. (2006). Striking an effective balance between accuracy and fluency in task-based            teaching (Unpublished doctoral dissertation). University of Tehran, Iran.

Unpublished master’s or doctoral thesis available from a database service.

Wendel, J. (1997). Planning and second language narrative production (Unpublished doctoral      dissertation). Retrieved from ProQuest dissertation and theses database. (UMI    No.9813575).

Yuan, F. (2001). The effects of planning on language production in task-based language teaching   (Unpublished doctoral dissertation). Retrieved from ProQuest dissertations and theses     database. (UMI No. 9997306).

Paper presented at a conference.

McCroskey, J.C., & Baer, J.E. (1985). Willingness to communicate: The construct and its    measurement. Paper presented at the annual convention of the Speech Communication   Association, Denver, CO.

Proceedings published.

Heller, J., Hockemeyer, C. & Albert, D. (2004). Applying competence structures for peer tutor     recommendations in CSCL environments. Proceedings of IEEE International Conference       on Advanced Learning Technologies, Joensuu, Finland, 20, 1050-1051.


Prepared by Hadi Hamidi

Ph.D. in TEFL, USR, Tehran, Iran

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